The first phase of the project foresees a preliminary analysis aimed at assessing the needs of the target groups of the project: Roma communities and operators. The survey methodologies were chosen according to the characteristics of the two target categories.

A qualitative survey was organized on the basis of face-to-face interviews and involved different types of employees and municipal operators. It served to determine the level of knowledge and awareness of the institutions in the field of anti-discrimination and equality.

A similar research was developed through several focus groups and led to analyse the major needs of the Roma community of Campobasso in the relationship with the institutions.

Download documents:

Preliminary results of the study of the Training Needs of the Roma community of Campobasso:  Italian / English

Preliminary results of the study of the Training Needs among public servants of Campobasso Municipality :  Italian / English

The events of the roma settlement in campobasso and their integration between the community and the city.: Italian / English

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