Given the cultural characteristics of the Roma community, video will support the awareness-raising and education path addressed to them. This choice follows the best practive provided by the Romunicare project (www.romunicare.eu). Indeed, it has shown that the style rich in dominant colors and stylized forms is a familiar language for this community and the representation in images helps the concentration and the effectiveness of the communication process.

In this context, videos become the channel to convey topics such as the rights and duties of Roma citizens and the key aspects of national and EU strategies for the inclusion of this community within the social fabric in a dynamic and amusing way.

Videos will give a substantial boost to the training and dissemination activities of the project activities between the Roma community and beyond.

M4R Lavorare per emanciparsi

M4R L'importanza dell'educazione scolastica

M4R Campobasso per l'inserimento lavorativo

M4R Antidiscriminazione: superiamo gli stereotipi

M4R Campobasso per le pari opportunità

M4R Campobasso per l'inclusione sociale

Final Conference: “Consolidate a good practice”

“Molise, from a land of internment to a land of inclusion” conference

Frontal learning (Italian)

M4R - Rom a Campobasso: integrazione tra città e comunità

M4R - I rom e il rapporto con Campobasso: risultati di una ricerca

M4R - Le relazioni discriminatorie e le loro forme

M4R - I rom e la città: il punto di vista degli operatori

M4R - La governance antidiscriminatoria

M4R - Anti-discriminazione: natura giuridica, fonti e disposizioni normative

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